Thursday, February 7, 2013

C4T # 1 Mr. Bernia

Mr. Bernia
Worksheet some e-card         Mr. Bernia is a Middle School Principle at Oakview Middle School. He has been teaching for 9 years and in that time he has been: Principle, Assistant Principle, a teacher and a school custodian.
In his blog post, "Keep, Stop, Do", he shows us the importance of keeping yourself in check. He has a monthly meeting with his mentor, in which he shares his thoughts, receives feedback and clears his mind of any clutter. He calls this exercise a Self Evaluation and he does them twice a year. Though they don't replace his daily self-reflections, they are vital to his up-keep.
"I think ask myself the following questions:
- What do I want to keep doing?
- What do I want to stop doing?
- What do I want to start doing?"

I think this is something I will start doing, but it is also something that EVERYONE should be doing. I know personally that I can start to feel too comfortable with certain situations, and that is when I know it is time to check myself. I am thoroughly glad that I read this post. Thanks Mr. Bernia!

Why School
           In this post Mr. Bernia examines a text written by Will Richardson called, "Why School." Richardson addresses the issues with current education versus Technology. He asks why school? Why does it require so much change? Mr. Bernia says it has to do with the word Literacy. Back in the day to be literate was to be able to read and write. Those two skills just aren't enough anymore. Now, to be literate, you must have at LEAST a basic knowledge in most if not all basic computer technology.

This post related to EDM310 so well, I had to choose it. Mr. Bernia says to accommodate the ever-changing world or technology, we as educators must rethink the practice of assessments. If literally all answers are on the Internet for almost any subject and any grade, how are the kids learning? I know more than once in high school if I was having issues with a homework question, I would Google it. For example Google used to be a search engine. Now it is a verb: They googled it; I am googling; I will google it later.  Mr. Bernia is a very in touch principal. He knows where the world is headed, and he is bringing his students with him.

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