Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blog Post #7 - Dr. Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch and his children dressed as the Incredibles on HalloweenDr. Randy Pausch was an amazing inspiration to hear, and I find it hard to not write about how sad it is to know he is gone. Dr. Pausch carried with him a heart warming message in a world where more often than not, teachers and professors don't care about students. I have known so many to be consumed with what THEY already know rather than what they could teach others. His three main points were as follows:
  • Have Fun
  • Never Give Up
  • Always Search For The Good In Others.
In his last lecture, Dr. Pausch talks about fulfilling childhood dreams. He states the importance of, "The Child inside". and the, "Child-like wonder", that we as adults and especially as educators tend to lose. His point here ties in with the other Blog assignments because he silently establishes that the current education system is flawed. I too believe that fun is always a big part in a classroom. I tend to be silly, and I try to keep things light-hearted with my high school kids. I do this because when I am happy, they give me more of their attention, rather than when I am angry and they let my message go in one ear and out the other.
         Another point he makes is to never give up. He says from his health to his students, he never gave up. This is very noble and rare. In the current school system, teachers give up on students, students give up on classes, parents give up on kids and so on. Also with me personally I know that I let my patience wear thin on a daily basis almost. And once I reach that point of no return, I just throw my hands up and give up on my girls.
          He also remarks on the fact that we should ALWAYS search for the good in others. He is told by his colleague that when someone disappoints him, he just needs to give them more time. At some point in time, everyone will impress you. When someone disappoints us, a lot of times it takes a long time, if we ever build back that trust. Maybe if there is a student in your class, and they seem to always let you down, all they need is more time and other opportunities to prove themselves.
         Dr. Pausch presents a beautiful message in his Last Lecture, one that honestly brought me to tears. This post assignment is going to be the one that has the longest lasting impression in my life. If I could inspire one person, the way Dr. Pausch  has inspired hundreds of thousands, my profession would have been worth while.
       As a side note, this is the second time I have done this assignment, and it brings me to tears every time. This is by far the BEST blog post we do, and I hope you never get rid of it Dr. Strange. Dr. Randy Pausch should be remembered, and his ideas celebrated forever. He was truly incredible.


  1. Hey Heather~

    Great post. I felt tears coming on when I was watching his video too! Patience is the hardest thing to keep and a temper is the easiest thing to let loose, so I'm glad that he reminded us on the many ways to be a better human, including this one. I also agree that this post gives a long lasting impression (that every teacher should see). Once again, great post. Keep them up!


  2. Heather, I thought this was a great summary and explanation of such an unexplainable video. Great job

  3. Don't worry. It's too important to delete from the blog assignments.

    The reason we include this video is to inspire you to bust through those brick walls, to raise the bars, to execute effective head fakes and much more.