Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C4T #3 John Spencer

Are Pencils Making Us Narcissistic?
    In this post, Mr. Spencer uses a comic approach to show his readers that technology isn't evil, but how it can be used is. His post says that pencils didn't make us narcissistic and self centered, we did that much on our own. But if we pick up the pencil with malicious intentions, it is the most evil tool we can have.
    I think that Mr. Spencer creates a valid point. Technology is a wonderful thing, but if we use it for the wrong reasons, it is a terrible tool. It is almost like we have to train our students to use modern tech products in the right ways. For example, I have realized through EDM310 that twitter isn't all that bad. It can be a very useful form of communication.

Remember Pencil Quests?
    The second article I chose from Mr. Spencer was about going on a pencil quest. I think this is an excellent way to gain and hold the attention of my future students. I hope that I can make my become interested in learning.
     Fun projects or assignments always kept me ready to learn. I will use quests like these, and hopefully create some new, fun ideas on my own. Like a Vocabulary hunt; where my classes go on a scavenger hunt around campus to find all of the vocab words I have hidden. That way they will have fun, and learn their vocabulary words.


  1. What about the cartoon? What about Dr. McLeod?

  2. This is my C4T. You assigned me John Spencer for C4T3.