Monday, April 29, 2013

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Teacher Knows if You’ve Done the E-Reading

         Several insructors from Texas A&M have started to use a technology that shows them how many times their students read their E-book. They can also see the time they read it. This gives the professors the ability to see if the students that struggle with the course are truly struggling. There was an example of one student who had solid quiz scores, but the teacher could see that he had only opened his e-book once. Therefore she was able to approach the student about his study habits. It is said that we cannot really learn the material if we open the book on test day.
E-readers          I know personally know that in secondary education, most teachers, "Teach the tests." So in my high school, with almost all the core classes, the teachers focus on what will be on the test. When I as a student in high school realized that, my study habits changed tremendously. I would have an hour or two to cram the material into my brain, and as soon as the test was over I forgot the material. As a student I think that the technological way of educating children is much more effective. Maybe had the teachers been more aggressive about our everyday studying, my study habits would be better now. I won't lie, if I had , "Big Brother", watching my moves, I might get a bit annoyed. But I'd most likely understand that it was for the betterment of MY future.
          As a teacher, I would love to know when and for how long my students studied every night. I could analyze bad grades, or problem students easier. I would know that if a student consecutively did poorly on my exams, and they rarely ever read the book, the issue would lie with the way the student spends his/her time. It would also be a cool concept to put the, "fear", into students. If I didn't see that they had read the night before, I would deduct points from their in-class grade. Very cool.

If I were to talk to the teacher from Texas A&M I'd ask:
      - Do you think your students are more likely to study, if they know you can see their online activity?
      - Do they really like the technology, or do they feel like it is a bit invasive?
On the other hand, if I were to question the students, I'd ask:
      - KNOWING that your professor can see your study habits, do you feel like you study more or less?
      - How do you feel about the new technology? How do you feel about technology in education in general?

I'd comment:

My old high school has technology similar to this. The county gave them all Mac book air laptops. And I have heard different results. I know that the kids who were already driven, are even more driven, knowing their teacher is watching their activity. I have heard as well, some students like the idea of refusing to study because the teacher sees them.

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