Wednesday, May 1, 2013

C4T #4 Edna Sackson

 I really appreciated this post. She talks about how she had to give a presentation with another educator that didn't share her same thoughts on education. I can relate to working with others who are stubborn, or refuse to compromise. In retail, I experience that on a daily basis. She talks about how she had to put down her blazing guns to work with the other teacher. This helped me to remember that sometimes it is just better to keep yourself calm.
I know personally it is hard for me to work with others, because I get upset quickly if my group member(s) don't do their part. But I can relate to this post by keeping calm and remembering to be open minded.

Planning for Inquiry

The basis of her post is that we need to be inquirers as educators. And we have to trust our students no matter what age to have deep and meaningful questions. Even though we may have to persuade them to ask or prompt the discussion. And that is okay! She says that we have to be prepared to let go of our conventional thinking. She says a good way to provoke thinking is to quick search google images.

Edna Sackson is an extremely insightful teacher. He blog is chocked full of ideas and tips on keeping a calm head and a happy and productive classroom. As a future educator, that is all I can really hope for. In her posts she gives great advice that is useable for me in the future.

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