Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blog Post #2 Redone

Did you know: John H. Strange

In the assigned video, I believe Dr. John Strange is describing the over-popularity and the engrossing nature of technology. Overall the message is saying that we as instructors need to be ready to teach the upcoming technology monsters, that are currently breeding in the world today. The video effectively provides statistics on the growth of computers and cell phones per household. This growth will continue to flourish in the coming years. Is this good, or bad?

 When I was in middle school, I did not have, "My", phone, neither did my parents, we had one house-phone that was a land-line. Now almost everyone over the age of seven has a cell phone. 11,453,577 text messages per minute sent world wide! That equals almost 200,000 texts a second. Are you kidding me? The growth rate of this technology has reached a point of insanity as well. When I bought my laptop, it was one of the best around. six-months later, it was ancient and way out of date. In a society as down as ours is, who can afford to keep up with that kind of development? Granted on a positive note, they have companies now that let you trade in your old technology for the newer model. In which case, I wouldn't mind forking out the extra money for the better products. If there is a better way to stay up to date in the world, I certainly need it. Ultimately, technological growth is the staple that is driving our world forward.

Mr Winkle is a good example showing that the older generations are getting more and more out of touch with the way people learn. As powerful as technology seemed to previous generations, It is more advanced now than any of them could have known. In the classrooms today there are educational videos and power point presentations. Back then, the primary resource of a teacher was chalk and a black board. Honestly, kids today are too ADD to stay focused on a teacher for a whole class period. We as teachers have to make class more interesting for the students. If they are bored, they will never learn. 
            In my opinion, a more, “Hands-on”, education is correct way to keep a student interested. The only projects I remember from high school are the ones where we got to perform the task we were learning. For example, my 10th grade year, instead of reading Julius Caesar and testing on it, we read it, and then acted it out. My group had togas and red paint, with glowing swords. As silly as it sounds, I loved it. Or in a science class, where the students build a catapult, a geometry class where they build a triangle bridge. This is the type of thing that will interest a child, and keep them enchanted. 

Students holding a beaker

            Let me begin my post by saying, Sir Ken Robinson’s lecture was a joy to hear. He made valid points about our world’s declining creativity. He kept his topic interesting with humor, but he made sure we knew his message. He told jokes, and wasn't worried about staying serious the whole time. He is a prime example of how creativity and individual personalities make life more enjoyable. We have been told to color inside the lines our entire lives. Why? There is no rule book for coloring. We were taught that very young, that if it was not perfect, it was ugly, or wrong. What kind of life are we being set up for? Like he mentioned, the current school system is focusing on the right side of our brains and that is it. I believe to be, "well rounded"; we are going to need a lot more than math and science.  I find it interesting that when a college says they are well rounded, they mean they make an English major take and art class and a math class. That does not make well rounded people. It makes frustrated college students. Someone who is well rounded is able to adapt to their situation. I honestly think without creativity that would be impossible. EDM310 allows us to embrace out creativity with projects like the book trailer as well as our podcasts and silly group names. (Go Justice League!)

Pinterest in the Classroom
             I will be honest; I have had a pinterest for at least a year now. It is awesome for anything from Do-it-yourself projects to learning how to braid your hair, and making a colorful rainbow shot display. How on EARTH could this tool be useful in a serious classroom? Well there are plenty of ways according to Edudemic.com. Teachers like, "Cool Cat Vicki", are posting boards that are all about helping other teachers with creative ideas for lessons, and of course decorating their classroom. There are also lots of pins on new websites and resources that could be effective in the classroom. I am actually really impressed with the way they use this site for good. Normally I turn to pinterest for procrastinating my life away. In fact this assignment was very dangerous for me, I was almost lost in my pin boards.


  1. Hello Heather!!
    I am sad to say that I will have to disagree with you about the world advancing to new technology as a bad thing. We are in a world that is progressing and growing and I think that is a wonderful thing. Another topic that I don't agree with you is that kids aren't too ADD nowadays to pay attention. Again, it goes back to the world progressing. Kids were brought up differently than we were and so it only fits them to want more creative approaches to learning. We grew up in a world where simple tasks amused us or entertained us. But now kids have high tech video games and enjoy more advanced activities. I don't believe this is wrong at all, it's just how the world is growing.

  2. "America ranks third in the world for cell phone use, bested only by China and India. " What is your source?

    "As much as i disagree with the exploitation of this powerful technology, ..." What do you mean?

    "This is exactly what I mean! In the directions for this portion we were told specifically to watch the entire lecture, as if we were going to watch bits and pieces. That statement alone prepared me for the worst twenty minutes of my life." (1) That is exactly what many students do! Watch only bits and pieces. (2) "...the worst twenty minutes of my life." Come now!

    You really are a pessimist!

    Where did you get the Glass assignment? That was for last semester.

  3. Darnit. I saved the pdf for last semester and did that assignment by mistake. I see now that I also missed the Pinterest assignment as well.
    And you misunderstood me last semester as well. I mean that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the lecture. But the way it was presented on the instructions made it seem like it was to be awful. I am really quite the optimist. I adore the use of technology in the way you present it in EDM310. I fear however; that it will be misused by subpar teachers that don't care about their students. With great technology comes great responsibility.