Sunday, March 24, 2013

C4K# 1

Frances is in 9th grade. His blog is for Mr. Cometti's pre-IB World History class. The post I read was an interesting one to say the least. Frances proposed the question: What if Youtube had been around in WWI. As another student pointed out, a lot of his blog is not exactly factually accurate or even based on facts. But he is a 9th grader, and it is important simply because he is effectively posting his thoughts in a way that the whole world can see. Putting himself out in the open for people to congratulate or critique.

Joseph is a fourth grade student in Mrs. Sapia's class. His blog is mostly dealing with classroom questions. He asked the commenter in one blogs to write a sentence that can be solved by 45+78. My sentence said, "My friend has $45.00 but she needs more money to buy the video game she wants. I let her borrow $78.00 more dollars. How much did her game cost in all?"

Reece is also a 10th grader in Mrs. Miller's class. His blog I commented on by accident, but I found it rather intriguing. He says he writes stories to relieve stress. I related extremely well to him, because I do the same thing. Since 6th grade, I have used writing stories and poetry as a way to cope with tough issues, or rid myself of stress! My advice to Reece was to never let that talent go away from him.

Kathleen is a 10th grade student in Mrs. Millers class at Baldwin County High School. Her blog is very clear on what she cares about. She has picture after about the Civil Rights Movement and how it effected the country. Her blog also tells of a woman killed because she joined the March from Selma to montgomery. It is refreshing to see that she cares about something other than herself! Bravo to her.

    The students assigned to me were very different, yet similar in their use of the blog. All of the students use their blog to deal with classroom issues. Some, like Kathleen, go outside of the class and deal with issues effecting the world. Either way, they are all examples if how useful a blog could be in school.

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  1. Heather,

    You really did have very different students assigned to you but they all sound wonderful and very intellectual in their own way. I am glad to see the students are actually finding good use for blogging in the schools because I am still not a very big fan of having it in the classroom. Keep up the great work and good luck with the rest of the semester!